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600mg THC | Pacific Reserve Gummies


Brand: Pacific Reserve
Type: THC
Dose: 600mg THC (50mg per gummy)
Quantity: 12 pieces
Flavours: Sour Pink Lemonade, Sour Apple & Sour Blue Raspberry
Ingredients:Β  THC Distillate, glucose-fructose, gelatin, dextrose, citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavour, xanthan gum, Himalayan salt, stevia, soy lecithin, carnuba wax.

Pacific Reserve infused 600mg THC gummies are hand-crafted using THC terpene-enhanced distillate.Β  Every package contains gummies that deliver a delicious burst of sweetness with undertones of tartness and flavourful after-tones.Β  This high dose edible is a great option for the advanced user or to share with friends. Pacific Reserve offers a consistent, high quality dose in every piece.Β  Always infused, NEVER sprayed!


Sour Pink Lemonade, Sour Blue Raspberry, Sour Apple, Sour Peach