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Famous Weed Strains From Vancouver Island 4

5 Famous Strains That Came From BC

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In the sprawling landscape of the global cannabis industry, British Columbia emerges as a beacon of distinction, revered for its longstanding reputation and pioneering contributions. For decades, this picturesque province has cultivated a rich heritage deeply intertwined with the cultivation, innovation, and appreciation of cannabis. Renowned affectionately as… Read More »5 Famous Strains That Came From BC

10 Incredible Vancouver Beaches For Smoking Weed4

Why Is Vancouver So Weed Friendly?

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Vancouver has garnered a well-deserved reputation as one of the most weed friendly cities in the world. With its laid-back atmosphere, progressive attitudes, and vibrant cultural scene, Vancouver has long been associated with cannabis consumption and advocacy. From the bustling streets of downtown to the serene shores of… Read More »Why Is Vancouver So Weed Friendly?

dispensaries maple ridge 3

Dispensaries in Maple Ridge

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Nestled within the stunning landscapes of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, Maple Ridge stands out as a flourishing hub within Canada’s cannabis landscape. The city’s embrace of cannabis legalization has led to the emergence of a dynamic and diverse cannabis scene, characterized by a myriad of dispensaries catering to… Read More »Dispensaries in Maple Ridge

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10 Reasons To Shop With The Greenmates

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The Greenmates dispensary stands as a beacon of quality and integrity in Canada’s bustling cannabis market. Situated amidst the vibrant landscape of the country, The Greenmates has earned a distinguished reputation for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Boasting a diverse array of premium cannabis products ranging… Read More »10 Reasons To Shop With The Greenmates

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The Strongest Weed Strains On The Planet

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Potency in cannabis is a fundamental concept that underpins the experience of consuming different strains. It refers to the concentration and strength of cannabinoids, particularly THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), within the plant material. Essentially, potency indicates the degree of psychoactive effects and therapeutic potential a particular strain can offer to… Read More »The Strongest Weed Strains On The Planet

amnesia haze strain

The Origins of Haze

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In the vast landscape of cannabis, where diversity thrives and innovation knows no bounds, the exploration of cannabis strains unveils a captivating tapestry of aromas, flavours, and effects. From the serene valleys of indica dominance to the invigorating peaks of sativa brilliance, each strain tells a unique story,… Read More »The Origins of Haze

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All About OG Kush

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OG Kush stands as a quintessential emblem of the cannabis world, renowned for its potent effects and distinct aroma. Originating from the West Coast of the United States, OG Kush has traversed borders to become a beloved staple in the Canadian cannabis market. Its unmistakable fragrance, characterized by… Read More »All About OG Kush